Friday, 21 March 2014

Please Nominate Maybe Diaries for a BiB Award

It seems to be the height of award season in the blogging world so I come, cap in hand once again, asking if you could spare a few minutes to nominate this blog.

You can feel free to roll your eyes at me for stealing your free time. When I’m a professional blogger I’ll get my advertisers to shout you all a replacement coffee/ lunch to make up for the ones I have ruined with my selfish requests.

Except I don’t because of course that could be construed as bribery which I am absolutely not doing. 

Hear that judges? NOT DOING!

I know last time there was some confusion about what URL to put into the so to make it easy for you, copy and the paste the following into a document so you can paste it back into the form.

Should you choose to vote for me of course. Not jumping the gun here or anything. Just saying.
Name - The Maybe Diaries
Twitter ID - @TashaBatsford
Email –
In case you are stuck for category ideas and “favourite posts” I have some you can use.
Inspire –
Writer –
Family –
Laugh –
Health –
Outstanding -
Thank you again for being so amazingly supportive, it means a lot to me and my soapbox.

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